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Decode IT

"Christopher has an excellent way of explaining things!"

-- Kerrie Pittaway, Integrity Software

NetSuite Integration

Migration from your legacy systems and live integration with third party software applications and databases. Customisation and development to get the most from your investment.

Trusted Advisor

Decoding technical language and asking the important questions to get the information you need to make the best decisions. Always have an expert advisor at your side when meeting salespeople.


Creating programs to solve a variety of business problems. Talk to me about your requirements and I will recommend an existing product or create a custom solution.

Personal Support

Enabling individuals to take advantage of IT to improve their daily lives. Helping you choose the right equipment and software and then make the most of it.

Delphi Consulting

Update your old Delphi software or migrate away from it. I have considerable experience with the Delphi development environment and with old Delphi programs.

Android Expert

Advising on smartphone selection for businesses and individuals. Training, advice and support for users and administrators of Android devices. Creating applications for Android devices.